Just a few things you can do on DomoGifts...
Know an item you think a friend would like? Suggest the item directly to their list and allow others to view and discuss your suggestion
Easily share the wishlist with family and friends with email invites or link directly to your wishlist.
Follow and Discover
See the latest items your friends are adding to their wishlist. Connect to users who add unique gift items that match your distinct style and discover new items.
Don't forget another birthday. We will automatically remind you of friends birthdays and events.
Create and attach your wishlist to any event, for any occasion. Easily keep track of guests reply and organize meeting places and times.
Gift Ideas
Get additional help looking for gift ideas with our many suggestion options. See what people want, from popular gifts to gifts by personality
Shop from DomoGifts affiliates
Universal Add
Add any item your heart desires. Place direct links to the products you want from any site on the internet. Even items you can't get on the internet can be put on your wishlist.
You can show a list to your friends and have a separate private list for just your significant other.
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