Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is DomoGifts?

A: is a free service website committed to becoming the premier gift giving platform. We strive to make the process of gift giving faster, easier, and more rewarding. DomoGifts is a place where you can set up wishlists, browse through great gift suggestions, set up event reminders, and even get great tips on how to find the perfect gift.

Q: What kinds of gifts can I put on my DomoWishlist?

A: Anything and everything your heart desires. There is no limitation on what gifts you can add. You can place direct links to the products you want through Domogifts' affilates or from any other site on the internet. Even items you can't get on the internet can be put on your list. Be as specific or general as you like. Simply state the shoes you want on your wishlist, or make it easy for your gift givers and find shoes online and enter a link to those shoes.

Q: How do I put my own link to products?

A: Our step by step instructions will show you how. Click here

Q: How do I share my list?

A: Sharing your list is simple. Simply add your contacts to you DomoGifts account. Then we will do the work for you by notifying your contacts with a courtesy email that your event is coming up. We will include your event wishlists in the email in case they feel the impulse to see what you may want.

Q: How do people find my list?

A: There are several ways people can find your list. One you can tell them about the site and they can search for your list by name or email. Or you can share your list with your contact which will send them direct links to your wishlists.

Q: Can I restrict someone from viewing my list?

A: Absolutely. We allow you to have the flexibility of allowing or restricting who you want to view the lists you create. You can show a list to your friends and have a separate private list for just you significant other. Creating groups will help manage your contacts when setting permissions for each list.

Q: Do I have to pay to use DomoGifts?

A: Absolutely not. Domogifts is free to the public. You can get set up with the free account that by signing up here Signup Now

Q: Who is DomoGifts for?

A: Domogifts is for everyone! Everyone is welcome to setup their own lists and share with their friends and family. DomoGifts is also good for organizations and charities. Set up a toy drive for your school by creating a wishlist on DomoGifts.